Máy dò kim loại dưới đất Garrett A9 (1 mét)

Máy dò kim loại dưới đất Garrett A9 (1 mét)

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Giá bán: 8.500.000 VNĐ    (Chưa bao gồm VAT)
Máy dò kim loại dưới đất Garrett Scorpion Gold A9 (1 mét)

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Detailed Product Description

Ground Search Gold Metal Detectors 
1. Max depth:5 meters 
2. dintiguish ferrous and non ferrous metals. 
3. Eagle -eye position 


Ground Search Gold Metal Detectors

1. Max depth:5 meters
2. dintiguish ferrous and non ferrous metals.
3. Eagle -eye position




Main functions:

*It has ground balance function and can eliminate "mineralization reaction"

*It can differentiate ferrous metal from nonferrous metal

*It has adopted a intelligent operation system

*It has small weight and long work life

*It can identify metal sound through earphone

*It features broad detecting range, accurate positioning, and great distinguishing capacity

 Product parameters:

* Max. detecting depth: 1.5 - 5m (manifold models are optional)

* Sound frequency: 400Hz

* Working current: 12V DC "AA" (alkaline) 8 x 1.5V

* Signal frequency: 437kH

* Power consumption: 0.6

 Ground Balance Mode:

  This mode can eliminate the mineralization reaction and has better penetrability, so this

mode is preferentially selected wherever indoor or outdoor search. In this mode, as long as the search coil is moved right over the target, the detector sounds and the viewmeter indicates the change, any type of metal raises the volume.

 Discrimination Mode:

  This mode is used to distinguish ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal, to select bigger metal and to eliminate smaller ones